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Introducing the 

Automated Socket Platform


Streamlined electrical inspection for microelectronics.

The Chiplytics Automated Socket Platform (ASP) is a platform interfaces with our Quickturn Sockets to increase test automation and reduce the time and cost of procuring custom sockets for microelectronics electrical inspection. Use with Chiplytics PSA or other electrical testing equipment.

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Watch the second iteration in action

In this demo, the ASP is being used to run an electrical test on a group of QFP-144 ICs.

Quickturn Sockets
Supporting a wide range of ICs and custom footprints 

Chiplytics Quickturn Sockets use a patent-pending parameterized socket design and automated manufacturing techniques to reduce the time and cost of procuring custom sockets.

Achieve fast, predictable electrical testing turnaround.

quicksockets_process-Page-3.drawio (4).png

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