Screen every chip going into critical systems.

The Chiplytics One is the first semiconductor inspection platform that combines machine vision and electrical testing to enable rapid, data-driven quality assurance. Testing is performed non-invasively within seconds without needing to power on the chip. Simply upload the part's datasheet to the web app to prepare the system for testing.




The Chiplytics One can be operated without a subject matter expert without needing to install additional software.

20.0 cm / 7.9 in

22.5 cm / 8.9 in

High-resolution adjustable digital microscope performs external visual inspection by extracting features of the chip and identifying anomalies while automating electrical testing setup and fault detection.


Results are uploaded to a secure cloud database in real time (or can be saved locally) to streamline testing.


A novel, patented electrical testing technique developed at Sandia National Laboratories rapidly performs a non-invasive electrical modal analysis with minimal input required by the user.

Streamlined interface for testing any semiconductor.

Upload the datasheet of any chip to order a custom socket produced in-house within 5 business days that interfaces with the Chiplytics One. Designed to streamline testing, the socket lets the system know exactly how to test each chip and eliminates user error with the help of machine vision.


Cloud-based tools for deeper insights.

The Chiplytics web app is used to manage testing data in real time without needing to install additional software. Data collected across devices can be leveraged to better identify counterfeits and defects, which can be shared with the greater microelectronics assurance community. 

Support for high-volume quality assurance.

Chiplytics inspection technology can be used to rapidly test entire reels or trays of semiconductors to ensure that all components going into high-volume products are authentic and defect-free. By automating the External Visual Inspection and Electrical Testing requirements of the AS6081 counterfeit prevention standard, Chiplytics can enable faster turnaround and more data-driven assessments.


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