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Microelectronics Inspection Platform

Automate AS6171 Electrical Testing


The Chiplytics MIP (Microelectronics Inspection Platform) empowers distributors to run AS6171 electrical testing in-house. Components are loaded using standard JEDEC trays or placed freely on the ESD mat. Each component is then automatically probed and electrically tested. Setup and analysis is performed remotely by the Chiplytics team. 

The current model uses two probes for Power Spectrum Analysis (PSA), continuity testing, and pin-to-pin IV curve tracing. An upgrade will be available later this year that incorporates additional probes for full AS6171 electrical testing coverage.

Socketless Interface
Supports a wide range of ICs and custom footprints 

The Chiplytics MIP automatically aligns probes with the device under test, enabling a wide range of packages to be tested immediately without needing custom socket adapters.​


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