Quantifiable Assurance for Microelectronics

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Data-driven inspection technology for deeper insights into the microelectronics supply chain.

Counterfeit semiconductors pose an estimated $200 billion risk per year to the global electronics supply chain. Today's global chip shortage makes this risk even greater. Chiplytics combines optical and electrical testing techniques to capture the holistic state of electrical components and detect anomalies using machine learning. 


Data acquisition within seconds, with minimal knowledge of the chip required.


Cutting-edge techniques keep you ahead of the evolving counterfeiting market.


Automated inspection unlike traditional techniques that are subjective and error-prone.


Test every component rather than just a sample set for Zero Trust Security.


Our Technology


Chiplytics One

Chiplytics PSA

Hand-held module for running Power Spectrum Analysis (PSA). Available for evaluation with refundable deposit.

Combines Machine Vision with PSA to add an extra layer of automated, data-driven inspection.

Image by Deniz Altindas

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