Quantifiable Assurance for Microelectronics

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Cutting-edge semiconductor inspection techniques to improve the reliability and scalability of hardware quality assurance

Counterfeit semiconductors pose an estimated $200 billion risk per year to the global electronics supply chain. Today's global chip shortage makes this risk even larger. Chiplytics™ implements a novel, patented electrical testing procedure called Power Spectrum Analysis (PSA) to ensure that all chips beyond just a sample set are authentic and defect-free. 


Data acquisition under 10 seconds and minimal knowledge of the chip is required to begin testing.


A PSA signature is impossible to reverse engineer. Stay ahead of the evolving counterfeiting market.


Quantifiable assurance instead of traditional inspection procedures that are subjective and error-prone.


Every single part can be tested rather than just a sample set.


Our Technology


Chiplytics One ​

Runs PSA on any semiconductor regardless of its footprint with an extra layer of visual inspection using computer vision.

Chiplytics Infinity+ ​

Capable of quickly testing every component in a reel or tray using PSA and computer vision for high-volume projects.

Image by Deniz Altindas

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