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Quantifiable Assurance for Microelectronics

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Chiplytics is an inspection platform for enabling high throughput, 100% test coverage of mission-critical microelectronics 

The microelectronics open market is often used to find difficult-to-source components, especially when lead-time and budgetary constraints are high. However, inadequate inspection in the open market leaves room for an estimated $75B/year of counterfeit semiconductors ending up in $167B worth of electronics. Even our nation's most safety-critical systems are susceptible. At Chiplytics, our mission is to enhance and streamline microelectronics inspection to provide greater access to authentic, high-integrity microelectronics. 

Our Technology


Power Spectrum Analysis (PSA)

PSA is a fast, non-invasive electrical testing technique licensed from Sandia National Laboratories that captures a unique multi-pin frequency response to reveal subtle differences between components, enabling quantifiable, 100% testing coverage.


Quickturn Sockets

A patent-pending socket design allows custom sockets for electrically interfacing with ICs to be produced in-house, on-demand using automated manufacturing process. Custom sockets are delivered in days, not weeks. 

Automated Socket Platform

A platform for interfacing Quickturn Sockets with the Chiplytics PSA System or third party electrical testing equipment, offering increased automation to handle larger sample sizes.

Our goal is to develop next-generation microelectronics inspection technology for independent distributors and quality assurance labs to enable a more resilient global supply chain


Data acquisition is instantaneous with minimal configuration required per part.


Cutting-edge techniques ahead of the evolving counterfeiting market.


Automated evaluation for scalability and higher throughput.


Test every component rather than a sample set for Zero Trust Security.


Recipient of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Defense Programs Award of Excellence (2021)

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